The occurrence of the 20th World Congress of Philosophy, August 10-16, Boston, Massachusetts challenges members of the Polanyi Society to show the contributions and implications of Polanyi's philosophy. The Polanyi Society will have session at the Conference with presentations, and individuals may submit papers to the 44 sections ranging from Theory of Knowledge to Philosophy and Children. Every major area of philosophical inquiry has a call for papers, including both theoretical and applied fields. For detailed information contact: Congress Secretariat, American Organizing Committee, Inc., Boston University, 745 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, MA02215; tel. 617-353-3904; fax. 617-353-5441; e-mail:; internet: Persons wishing to present a paper, or organize a panel at the Polanyi Society session should contact Richard Gelwick at the address on the inside TAD cover or at e-mail: Besides the hotel accommodations, dormitory rooms at Boston University will be available for those who register early. It's a great time to visit Boston, and the conference provides off-season rates for accommodations.


Submissions for Publication

Articles, meeting notices and notes likely to be of interest to persons interested in the thought of Michael Polanyi are welcome. Any books that make use of Polanyi's thought or the implications of his thought. Books to be reviewed can include those dealing with the cultural contact that influenced Polanyi. Review suggestions and book reviews should be sent to Walter Gulick, Montana State University, Billings, MT 59101 (fax: 406-657-2037). Manuscripts, notices and notes should be sent to Phil Mullins, Missouri Western State College, St. Joseph, MO 64507 (fax: 816-271-5987 e-mail: Manuscripts should be doublespaced type with notes at the end; writers are encouraged to employ simple citations within the text when possible. Use M.L.A. or A.P.A. style. Abbreviate frequently cited book titles, particularly books by Polanyi (e.g., Personal Knowledge becomes PK). Shorter articles (10-15 pages) are preferred, although longer manuscripts (20-24 pages) will be considered. Manuscripts should include the author's name on a separate page since submissions normally will be sent out for blind review. In addition to the typescript of a manuscript to be reviewed, authors are expected to provide an electronic copy of accepted articles; it is helpful if original submissions are accompanied by an electronic copy.


Electronic Discussion Group

The Polanyi Society supports an electronic discussion group exploring implications of the thought of Michael Polanyi. For those with access to the INTERNET, send a message to to join the list or to request further information. Communications about the electronic discussion group may also be directed to John V. Apczynski, Department of Theology, St. Bonaventure University, St. Bonaventure, NY 14778-0012 PHONE: (716)375-2298 FAX: (716)375-2389.


Please, note!

Prof. Phil Mullins has kindly sent us the following e-mail message:
I have been working on a web page for the Polanyi Society. I decided to do an index of TAD. I put in a section on Polanyiana with a list of English articles. It requires a browser such as Netscape. If you have one, please go to and have a look. Especially you should review the sections "Other journals with an interest in Polanyi". I welcome any feedback.


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