Neural network labs around the world

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Aberdeen University (UK)
NeuralWeb. Currently unavailable.
University of Alberta (Canada)
Biological Computation Project. Info on the research of the project.
University of Amsterdam - UvA (Netherlands)
Autonomous Systems Group - Robotics and Neurocomputing has info on publications, software and pictures of robots used by the group. There is also info on a NN course and ftp-able textbook, and links to the Simderella robot simulator.
Aston University (UK)
Neural Computing Research Group. Who's who in the research group, information on research, publications, studentships.
ATR Human Information Processing Research Laboratories (Japan)
HIPRL does research into Spoken Language Processing, Visual Information Processing, Mechanisms for Information Generation and Integration.
Attila Jozsef University of Szeged (Hungary)
Adaptive Systems Lab at the Department of Photophysics. Research in genetic algorithms, autonomous agents, reinforcement learning, constructive learning, concept learning, biological modeling and analog/mixed VLSI design. Staff info, publications, news.
Australian National University (Australia)
Complex Systems resources: includes useful gopher servers, hypermedia tutorials (inc. fuzzy logic), and the online journal Complexity International.
Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (Austria)
Neural Networks Group projects and publications described.
Technische Universität Berlin (Germany)
Neural Information Processing Group (KON). Info people, publications and research in computational neuroscience, the theory of competitive neural nets and the application of neural nets in image processing, prediction and music. Also information on courses (in German).
Birmingham University (UK)
Evolutionary and Emergent Behaviour Intelligence and Computation (EEBIC) group. A newly-formed research group with interests in evolutionary computation; emergent behaviour, intelligence, computation; artificial life; practical applications.
Boston University (USA)
Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems page has lots of information on the dept, on the Center for Adaptive Systems, graduate programs, publications, faculty, etc.
Brandeis University (USA)
Center for Complex Systems. Interdisciplinary info on neuroscience, cognitive science, computer science.
University of Bremen (Germany)
Institute for Theoretical Neurophysics. Research into general sensorimotor processing in biological and technical neural system: stereo vision, segmentation, landmark-navigation, analysis of spiking neurons, auditory system of barn owls. Research details, lab members, publications.
University of Brighton (UK)
Neural Network Research in the Mathematical Sciences Department concentrates on the numerical behaviour and analysis of linear and non-linear neural learning algorithms.
Bristol University (UK)
Neural Computing Research Group. Info on research and people in theory of neural computing, neurobiology, applications in engineering.
Brown University (USA)
Institute for Brain and Neural Systems. Under construction, but will contain info about the Institute, people, seminars, research.
Brunel University (UK)
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems appears to have a new Centre for Neural and Evolutionary Systems (CNES), offering an MSc course. Also the Brunel MSc in Intelligent Systems Neural Nets course includes a set of lecture notes, exercise guides, problem sheets and miscellaneous NN information which is worth a look.
Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)
IRIDIA -- Institut de Recherches Interdisciplinaires et de Developpements en Intelligence Artificielle. Info on a few people doing autonomous robotics and reinforcement learning.

California Institute of Tecnology - Caltech (USA)
Computation & Neural Systems Program
Has info about the program, PhD theses, etc.
Sloan Center for Theoretical Neurobiology
One of five centers.
Beckman Biology Building WWW Server
Links to info on the GENESIS simulator, the Bower lab, and computational neuroscience meetings.
University of California at Berkeley (USA)
Robotics & Intelligent Machines Lab. Features: People in the Robotics Laboratory, Areas of Research, Papers and Publications, Robotics Demos and Movies, Robotics Tools, UCB Robotics FTP server contains tools and several publications.
University of California at Los Angeles (USA)
Division of Neurosurgery at UCLA Medical Center.
Includes Brain Monitoring and Modeling Laboratory, and HTML lecture notes for a computational neuroscience course.
UCLA Neuroscience Undergraduate Society
Neuroscience information and pointers.
University of California at San Diego (USA)
Neuro Web. Departmental info, NeuroNews, and the virtual poster session (not many posters there at present, but this could be useful if more people contribute).
Cambridge University (UK)
Speech Vision and Robotics (SVR) Group
In the Engineering Department. Info on research into: NNs, pattern recognition, mobile robots, speech recognition, language processing, image processing, robot assembly. Also info on a MPhil course in Computer Speech and Language Processing.
The MRC Applied Psychology Unit ftp site
Contains papers by Jaap Murre and Mike Page.
Cavendish lab
David MacKay's home page.
Computer Vision and Computational Neuroscience group is part of the Computer Lab. Contact info, mainly.
Carnegie Mellon University (USA)
Neural Net Speech Group
ALVINN (Autonomous Land Vehicle In a Neural Network)
Reinforcement Learning Group
AI Repository for software and documents
Branches to neural networks, alife, simulated annealing, fuzzy logic, GAs, robotics, etc etc. Worth a look.
Some NN code
Collection of NN benchmarks
Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition
conference information
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain)
The Departament of Llenguatges i Sistemes Informátics (Software Department) home page has information on departmental section for AI and machine learning.
CERN (Switzerland)
Artificial Neural Networks in High Energy Physics. Information on applications of neural network techniques to experimental high energy physics. Lots of references to papers on hardware and software issues. Pages listing commercially available hardware and software for NNs.
University of Colorado at Boulder (USA)
Boulder Connectionist Research Group (BCRG). Info on researchers, classes and papers.
Colorado School of Mines (USA)
Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences home page has info on the work of faculty, NN research and courses, graduate program. Also the Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS).
Columbia University (USA)
Robotics Group. Information and several MPEGs for the following projects: Visual Control for Robotics Tasks, Model-Based Sensor Planning, Dextrous Robotics Hands, 3D Scene Reconstruction and Object Recognition, 8-Degree of Freedom Robot, Interactive Tutorials for Machine Vision.
Cornell University (USA)
The Field Lab investigates psychophysical and computational approaches to vision.
Vision and Parallel Processing Group.
Cornell Robotics and Vision Laboratory.

Institut Dalle Molle d'Intelligence Artificielle Perceptive (Switzerland)
IDIAP Neural Network Home Page has info on IDIAP publications and a searchable page of NN events.
Istituto Dalle Molle di Studi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale (Switzerland)
IDSIA home page. Research details in neural networks, reinforcement learning, robotics. Also searchable index of publications.
Defence Research Agency, Malvern (UK)
Pattern and Information Processing Group. Publications.
Technical University of Delft (Netherlands)
Pattern Recognition Group. Information on research in pattern recognition and NNs, image filtering, digital measurement theory, robot vision. Bibliographies and info on software: SCIL-Image, Artificial Neural Networks Library (ANNLIB), Statistical Pattern Recognition Library (SPRLIB), TCL-Image, TIM for Windows.
University of Derby (UK)
Image Processing and Neural Networks Research Group. Info on research on DSP and image processing, learning algorithms, pattern recognition, machine vision.
University of Durham (UK)
Laboratory for Natural Language Engineering.

Edinburgh University (UK)
Centre for Neural Systems
Part of the Centre for Cognitive Science. Info on the Centre, papers, personnel, etc.
Centre for Neuroscience
Lots of info.
Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands)
Neural networks with some interesting links, including one to a page of information on biological neurons.
Emory University (USA)
Calabrese lab home page. Staff, papers, references. Neurolab modeling tool.
Essex University (UK)
The handwriting recognition home page: info on workshops and conferences, papers, databases, and internet services for the handwriting community. Links to labs doing similar work.

University of Florence (Italy)
Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica. Info on research into: recurrent networks, convergence, prior knowledge, inference of symbolic rules, speech recognition. FTP-able papers.
University of Geneva (Switzerland)
AI Group. Info on research in neural networks and symbolic/connectionist integration.
Università degli Studi di Genova (Italy)
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Biofisica ed Elettronica (DIBE).
Neural network activities include: VLSI design centre, electronic system group, biolectronics and neurobioengineering group, signal processing & understanding group.
Department of Informatics, Systems and Telecommunications (DIST).
Computational neuroscience, models and applications (including Laboratory for Robotics and Automatic Control).
Dept of Physics (DF)
(Link appears to be broken).
GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology (Germany)
Gesellschaft für Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung. Adaptive Systems Research Group. Research info on evolutionary algorithms, statistical learning and exploration procedures, and adaptive robotics and open systems.
George Mason University (USA)
Genetic Algorithms Group. Summaries of GA and EC research and lab members.
Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
Mobile Robot Laboratory Home Page: information on people and research projects involving learning in robots.
Glasgow University (UK)
Neural Adaptive Control Technology (NACT) is a research project aiming at a synergy of adaptive control and neural networks.
Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (France)
Laboratiore de Traitement d'Images et Reconnaissance de Formes (TIRF Lab). Has a Vision dept and a Neuronics dept doing NN research: algorithms, biological models, neural architectures (VLSI).

The Hebrew University, Jerusalem (Israel)
The Multidisciplinary Center for Neural Computation. Under construction. Info on staff, research groups, seminars, PhD program.
Helsinki University of Technology (Finland)
Neural Networks Research Centre. Theory of and applications for the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) and Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ) algorithms of Prof. Kohonen. Info on research, personnel and PD software.
Institute of Isotopes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (Hungary)
Department of Photophysics, Adaptive Systems Laboratory. Research in NNs and other adaptive algorithms.

Illinois University (USA)
Genetic Algorithms Laboratory homepage. Information and archive on GA research.
Imperial College, University of London (UK)
Neural Systems Group, Department of Electrical Engineering. Info on research, staff, students, publications.
Indiana University (USA)
Cognitive Science
Info on the department and local FTP site.
Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition
Information on the research of the center, the Copycat program, and papers.
Analog VLSI and Robotics Laboratory
INRIA Lorraine (France)
Cortex Neural Network Group do research into models inspired from biology, and applications of classical ANNs.
Iowa State University (USA)
Artificial Intelligence Research Group does research in AI, alife, ANNs, etc. Links to publications and AI courses.

Johns Hopkins University (USA)
Computational Neuroscience Lab
Cognitive Science Department
Some neural network research. Info on faculty, students, PhD applications.

Universität Kaiserslautern (Germany)
Research Group Autonomous Mobile Robots. Info on projects involving autonomous mobile robot research.
Universität Karlsruhe (Germany)
Institut für Logik, Komplexität und Deduktionssysteme, Neural Network Group. Info on research.
Universität Kassel (Germany)
Forschungsgruppe Neuronale Netzwerke (FGNN). Information in German.
Keele University (UK)
Department of Communication and Neuroscience. Mainly hearing and vision sciences. Info on staff research interests and the MSc program in Machine Perception and Neurocomputing.
Keio University, Shonon Fujisawa Campus (Japan)
Neural and Multimedia Center. Publications info and some MPEG animations of solutions to the 4-colour problem.
King's College London (UK)
Organised by ESPRIT to coordinate European NN activity. Information on collaborating sites, conferences, etc. Also list of NN researchers, software, and a discussion forum implemented in forms.
Centre for Neural Networks
The Centre runs a newsletter called Connect.
Image Processing Group home page

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - EPFL (Switzerland)
Centre for Neuro-Mimetic Systems (MANTRA). Describes research in NN algorithms, NN accelerators and applications. Lots of papers and information.
l'Université Laval (Canada)
Computer Vision and Systems Laboratory (also in French). Lots of info on lab activities, staff, publications, and classes. Links to other vision sites.
Limburgs Universitair Centrum (Belgium)
Neural Networks Group Home Page has information on: staff, research, and a reference database. Additionally there are back issues of Neuron Digest and the Genetic Algorithms Digest, and a game to test time series prediction algorithms.
Los Alamos National Laboratory (USA)
The list of all Gopher/WWW Servers at LANL is worth a browse. Of particular interest may be: the Simulation and Adaptive Computation Effort in the Applied Theoretical Physics Division, which discusses neural network theory and intelligent control; the Center for Nonlinear Studies; and the Nonlinear Science e-Print Archive, wherein reside many preprints.
Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)
UCL-DICE Neural Net Group. Description of projects in NNs.
Université Claude Bernard - LYON 1 (France)
Molecular Onirology lab home page, French and English version. Research on function of sleep and dreaming and the brain structures responsible. Hypertext papers, images and videos on the neuroanatomy of the brain, review articles.

University of Maastricht (Netherlands)
Neural Networks group at the Department of Computer Science. Keywords: vision, memory and language. Projects, publications, personnel.
University of Maryland (USA)
Autonomous Mobile Robots Lab.
Descriptions of projects and people, the Airborne Imaging Robotic System (AIRS), the annual University of Maryland Robotics Competition.
Parallel Understanding Systems (PLUS) Group
Do research on hybrid symbolic/connectionist systems.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (USA)
  • Behavioral Neuroscience Lab.
  • Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.
  • University of Massachusetts (USA)
    Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics
    Information about research, facilities, publications, personnel, demos, announcements, and bibliography information. LPR's research areas include dexterous manipulation (reaching and grasping), mobile robot navigation, geometric reasoning, assembly planning, and the application of learning theory to robotics. Also MPEG movies of various robot lab demos.
    Sutton's Reinforcement Learning Archive
    Code, papers, abstracts.
    Max-Planck-Institut für biologische Kybernetik (Germany)
    Information on people, projects and papers.
    Technische Universität München (Germany)
    Research Group Automated Reasoning. Info on projects, staff, and tech reports.

    National Research Council - NRC (Canada)
    The NRC Artificial Intelligence Resources page links to a resources directory. There are links for many branches of AI, including neural networks. This is definitely worth a look.
    National Research Council - Institute of Psychology, Rome (Italy)
    Research Group on Artificial Life. Online papers.
    Naval Research Laboratory (USA)
    Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence (NCARAI). The Center consists of an Intelligent Systems Laboratory with research sections in Machine Learning, and Computational Reasoning, and a Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory with research sections in Intelligent M4 (Multimodal/Multimedia) Systems and Interface Design and Evaluation.
    NEC Research Institute (USA)
    Dr Lee Giles's homepage describes his research group, with interests in neural networks. Info on staff and papers.
    Nevada University, School of Medicine (USA)
    A page of neural network links, including search forms for Neuroprose and recent articles from
    University of Newcastle (UK)
    The Neural Systems Group does research in cognitive, computational, systems and sensory neuroscience and neural network computing. Info about staff and vacancies.
    New York University (USA)
    Center for Neural Science
    Info on research facilities, faculty, and degree programs.
    Network Robotics Laboratory
    What is a robot?, Robotics Review, Microhumanoids, Laptop Active Vision, Robot Scaling Theory, Robotics Videos. Also info on faculty and students.
    University of Nijmegen (Netherlands)
    Neural Network Group in the Department of Medical Physics and Biophysics. Info on staff and students, seminars, papers.
    l'Ecole Normale Supérieure (France)
    Groupe de Bioinformatique home page. Research and papers on animats, image processing, cell metabolism, neural networks, computer applications to biology.
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA)
    Dept of Computer Science has a PhD program in Neural Networks And Vision.

    Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (USA)
    Center for Spoken Language Understanding (CSLU)
    Uses an approach that combines expert knowledge of speech and human communication with neural network classification. Info on research and faculty. Also the OGI Speech Tools.
    Neural Network Research Group
    Info on personnel, publications, NN demos, courses, code.
    Oregon State University (USA)
    Department of Computer Science includes info on research, including RL by Thomas Dietterich.
    University of Otago (New Zealand)
    Department of Information Science, Software Engineering and Collaborative Modelling Laboratory. Research areas include applying modelling technologies to neural networks, fuzzy logic and expert systems. Staff info and publications.
    Oxford University (UK)
    Robotics Research Group
    Info about people.
    MRC Research Centre in Brain and Behaviour
    Info from the Department of Experimental Psychology.
    MRC Research Centre in Brain and Behaviour
    Publications, staff.
    Sansom Group
    Info on ion channel research.

    Pacific Northwest Laboratory (USA)
    Neural Network homepage has quite a lot of useful links, including an introduction to ANNs and bibliographic information.
    University of Palermo (Italy)
    Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. Research on VLSI and NN, vision, multimedia systems, cognitive robotics, visual databases, expert systems. Papers, courses, people, and a tree(!?). Still under construction.
    University of Pennsylvania (USA)
    Institute for Research in Cognitive Science. Info on the institute and grad program, and on software used in research.
    University of Pittsburg (USA)

    University of Queensland (Australia)
    Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering does research into Artificial Neural Networks and Intelligent Systems.

    Ricoh (USA)
    California Research Center. Machine learning and perception, color image processing. Publications and info about personnel.
    RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) (Japan)
    Brain Information Processing Group includes 3 labs: Neural Modeling, Information Representation, Artificial Brain Systems. Info on papers, staff, research.
    University of Rochester (USA)
    Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.
    Royal Holloway College, University of London (UK)
    Neural Networks Group homepage has information on the NeuroCOLT Working Group, including an archive of technical reports.
    Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)
    SANS - Studies of Artificial Neural Systems. Pages on neural computation (adaptive control) and computational neuroscience (including a really cool NN-driven simulation of a swimming lamprey).
    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia)
    Department of Computer Systems Engineering has some NN-related research scholarships available.
    Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany)
    Institut für Neuroinformatik (INI). System Biophysics group: object recognition, grasping, robotics, incremental self-organizing networks; Theoretical Biology Group: NEUROS project (NEUral RObot Skills), SONN (structural optimization of neural networks), experimental neurobiology, theoretical neurobiology, nonlinear dynamic theory, computer vision; NAMOS (navigation of autonomous mobile systems).
    Rutgers University (USA)
    There are two affiliated labs, the Center for Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience and the Institute for Animal Behavior, offering a graduate program in Behavioral and Neural Sciences. There is information on research, faculty and publications.

    University of Salford (UK)
    Mobile Robot Research. Lots of info on research.
    Salk Institute for Biological Studies (USA)
    There is a Salk home page, and also pages for:
    Computational Neurobiology Laboratory
    Molecular Neurobiology Labs
    University of Salzburg (Austria)
    Roland Schwaiger's projects page contains a bibliography and links to FTP sites.
    Santa Fe Institute (USA)
    The institute home page links to information on research and faculty in complex and adaptive systems.
    Scripps Research Institute (USA)
    Human Brain Project server.
    Sheffield University (UK)
    Neural Computing page has information on the AI and Neural Computing group, projects, staff, papers.
    SISSA (Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati) (Italy)
    Cognitive Neuroscience Sector. Info on research groups in neuropsychology, developmental neurobiology and plasticity, somatosensory processing and plasticity, LIMBO (liminar investigations of memory and brain organization). Also PhD course.
    Southampton University (UK)
    Cognitive Sciences Centre
    Info on research and papers.
    The ISIS research group
    Image, Speech and Intelligent Systems (ISIS) research group within the Department of Electronics and Computer Science. Research details on control and intelligent systems, neural networks and neurofuzzy systems, speech processing and speech acoustics, computer vision and image processing, signal processing.
    University of Southern California (USA)
    USC Brain Project
    Lots of information on project goals, research groups, demos, models, people, class projects.
    Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems
    Information on the following laboratories: Computer Vision Lab, Modular Robotics Lab, Robotics Research Lab.
    Stanford University (USA)
    Stanford Robotics Laboratory. Information on people in the lab, plus the following research groups: Geometric Computation (Guibas), Vision and Image Science and Technology (Heeger), Advanced Manipulation Group(Khatib), Jean-Claude Latombe's Research Groups, 'Bots (Nilsson), Nobotics (Shoham). Also a tour of the various robots in the lab.
    Stirling University (UK)
    Centre for Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience: info on neural networks, vision, sound and music, and neuroscience. Includes an introduction to the Understanding Vision software.
    Sussex University (UK)
    The School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences does research into: Computational Linguistics, Computer Vision, Simulation of Adaptive Behavior and Artificial Life, Socio-Cognitive Technology. Lots of info on research, faculty, publications. Also info on courses in Human Centered Computer Systems and Machine Learning. There is free software available: FONTINST (font-installation package), POPBUGS (simulation environment for track-driven robot), and LIB INTEGRAM (generator for autostereograms). Of particular interest may be the Connectionism and Neural Computation Research Group.

    Tel Aviv University (Israel)
    Adams Super Center for Brain Studies. Faculty members, grad students, courses, seminars, events.
    University of Texas at Austin (USA)
    Laboratory for Artificial Neural Systems (LANS)
    Info on students, publications, software and some research demos.
    Neural Nets research group in the Computer Science Dept
    Info on research, personnel, and publications. Some nice demos and virtual posters. Software.
    Neuro Engineering Research & Development Laboratory (yes, that makes NERDLab!)
    In the Dept of Mechanical Engineering. Research into the development of new neural network architectures and learning algorithms, and the application of neural networks. Info on staff and research.
    Center for Vision and Image Sciences
    Info on staff, projects, tech reports.
    Computer and Vision Research Center
    In the College of Engineering. Lab overview and research details, staff, publications.
    University of Toronto (Canada)
    No neural networks page, but the Computer Science page has info about the staff in the neuron group. There is also a Cognitive Robotics Group.
    Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)
    Artificial Intelligence Group does some work on machine learning (inc. neural nets) and cognitive modelling.

    United Medical & Dental Schools (UMDS) (UK)
    Image Processing Group. Some nice examples.
    University College London (UK)
    Planning, Agent Modelling, and Robotics
    Publications, people. Also a page of AI, cognitive science and robotics resources.
    Intelligent Systems Group
    Applied research in neural networks, evolutionary techniques, fuzzy logic and hybrid systems with `traditional' symbolic AI. Also a page on intelligent hybrid systems.
    Department of Physiology
    Research in neuroscience.
    University of Utah (USA)
    Robotics and Vision. Research in robot navigation, analysis of robot behavior specifications, and the analysis of visual motion. Info on faculty and projects.

    University of Wales at Aberystwyth (UK)
    Quantitative biology and analytical biotechnology group uses neural networks as research tools.
    Warwick University (UK)
    Neural Nets home page of the Dept of Engineering. Bibliographic info for NN books and journals in the Warwick library. Pages for Intelligent Systems Engineering Laboratory researchers and seminars.
    Washington State University (USA)
    Neural Microelectronics Home Page has links to several publications.
    Washington University in St Louis (USA)
    Philosophy/Neuroscience/Psychology program. Archive of technical reports, info on faculty and graduate program.
    Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)
    Vision Group home page has info on people in the group and some online poster sessions.
    University of Western Australia (Australia)
    Centre for Intelligent Information Processing Systems. Research in ANNs, syntactic pattern recognition, biomedical engineering, image/speech processing. FTP site for local papers.
    University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA)
    Machine Learning Research Group (MLRG) has archives of papers and datasets, plus lots of AI links.

    Yale University (USA)
    Neuroengineering and Neuroscience Center (formerly CTAN)
    Has a directory of info on the NEURON simulation program, and a public ftp file archive for source code and papers.
    Yale Vision and Robotics Group
    Research in motion analysis, neural network-based recognition, geometric reasoning, human and computer object recognition, mobile robotics, sensor-based manipulation, control of highly dynamic nonlinear systems, and planning.
    University of York (UK)
    Dept of Computer Science. Includes info on research in neural nets, computer vision and pattern recognition.
    University of Zurich (Switzerland)
    Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Info on staff, tech reports and research in situated design and autonomous agent design.

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